Challenge: low renewal rates

WooCommerce sells extensions which need to be renewed each year.

The renewal process is manual for customers. They essentially get a notice to renew, and need to go click to go to the site, then go through a checkout flow, re-enter their credit card details and so on.

The result was relatively low renewal rates.


To make things easier for customers, and to improve renewal rates, I led a project to implement autorenewals. The key changes were:

  • Moving to a new payment system, which included storing credit card information and automatically charging renewals on the subscriptions expiration data
  • Designing new screens for showing the saved credit card information, and allowing customers to change it
  • Updating the checkout process, to inform customers about automatic renewals
  • Writing two sets of new email notifications – one encouraging customers to opt-in to autorenewals, and another informing customers about an upcoming renewal
  • Designing the logic of the autorenew system, including how to retry failing cards and opting in users who make a new purchase
  • Launching reporting for autorenewals, to understand how successful the project was


Within a year, shifting to automatic renewals double the renewal rate, and we received no negative feedback from customers about the change.

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