Valentine’s Day Content Marketing

Project overview:

United Way for Greater Austin (UWATX) painted the Butter Half mural on the UWATX building in the hopes of generating serendipitous buzz – and it worked: the mural became a go-to for anniversary photos. To build on our offline success, I wrote a blog post highlighting user photos and shared it via email and social.

Valentine’s Day falls shortly after the busy holiday giving season and outside of when most UWATX Employee Giving Campaigns run, so it’s an ideal opportunity to engage donors.

To celebrate the holiday in 2013, I wrote a blog post highlighting some of the couples who took photos at the Butter Half mural, which UWATX painted on our building as a love note to the community we serve. Building on this success in 2014, we sent a one-time blast highlighting this popular post again and shared a similar message on social media.


To date, the Butter Half blog post has received 1,800 views – making it the most popular post on the site. Of that traffic, nearly half were in 2014, showing that the post is being rediscovered via search and continues to drive traffic.
The Valentine’s e-mail blast saw a clickthrough-rate 5x greater than the typical email blast from the organization and drove more than 200 visits to the site on Valentine’s Day. We also saw 200 likes for the related Facebook post, making it one of our most popular for the year.

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