Neighborhood Data Profiles – Blog Series


In spring 2014, UWATX created a new data position to aggregate information across our organization and pull reports on our Navigation Center data to share with the community. At the same time, UWATX shifted our work in the community to more specifically focus on key
I created a new blog series to share this information with our broader audiences. This includes both re-packaging existing reporting for a new audience (such as the summer food needs post) and also thinking about the stories we want to tell and how data could play a role (like the series of neighborhood profiles).
To leverage their expertise, I list the issue-area expert, typically our data maven, as the author for these posts.


In the first two months of launch, users have spent nearly 19 hours reading the associated blog posts. In addition, I’ve generated 2-3 media hits through direct outreach and as reporters discovered posts.

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