Surprising Findings about the People Behind WooCommerce Stores

In early 2018, I became the first-ever product manager for the suite of 100+ WooCommerce extensions that are made and maintained by Automattic (the company that owns WooCommerce).

To shape a future for this catalog of extensions, I started by digging into the data. Collaborating with the designers that joined our fledgling extensions team, we spoke with the support team, analyzed purchase behavior, and looked through the Ideas Board, where customers request features.

Even with this research, we didn’t feel we had a clear, data-driven, wide-angle view on the landscape we were trying to serve, so I ran WooCommerce’s first-ever Customer Survey. Building on that data source, I worked with the data team to create the organization’s first customer profiles using a cluster analysis to find related traits.

Here’s the full post about what we found, over on the WooCommerce blog.

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