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My hands move at the speed of light when I’m speaking about my passion for understanding customers and company culture.

I help leaders shape the cultures and systems of their organizations to deliver greater impact.

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My passion for digging into data and crafting compelling narratives started when I spent my weekends doing something Americans fear more than death: I was a competitive public speaker for eight years.  I learned how to make complex topics digestible and simple topics interesting.

I’ve translated these experiences in research, writing and speaking into a career focused on shaping the cultures and systems that drive how organizations serve their customers.

With documented strengths in building relationships with diverse stakeholders, coordinating groups to solve ambiguous problems, and asking the right questions, I thrive in organizations looking to level up their processes, impact and morale.

Highlighted Experience


Surprising Findings about the People Behind WooCommerce Stores

In early 2018, I became the first-ever product manager for the suite of 100+ WooCommerce extensions that are made and maintained by Automattic (the company that owns WooCommerce). To shape a future for this catalog of extensions, I started by digging into the data. Collaborating with the designers that joined our fledgling extensions team, we…

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The Past, Present, and Future of WooCommerce

This year has been an exciting time for WooCommerce: we opened the Marketplace to new submissions, we launched our first Gutenberg blocks and we’ve started engaging in new ways with the WooCommerce community. We’ve also had a lot going on behind the scenes, including our first-ever Customer Survey, which has given us new insights on…

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On being a digital nomad

I’ve been location-independent for more than four years. When I left my desk job, I was looking for a role that supported my development as a full person. I deeply value getting new perspectives by putting myself in someone else’s shoes, so I wanted a role that let me be in different locations. I found…

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