Digital Strategist & Storyteller

Focused on content strategy, email marketing and conversion optimization

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About me

I optimize customer experiences to delight customers and increase revenue. 

My passion for crafting compelling stories started when I spent my weekends doing something Americans fear more than death: I was a competitive public speaker for eight years.  I learned how to make complex topics digestible and simple topics interesting. In my professional career, I’ve translated this experience of extensive research and meticulous editing into strategic content creation.

Now, I help companies understand and measure how you’re gaining new customers and then make strategic investments in content marketing, e-mail strategy and website optimization to drive more revenue and create more happy customers.

Sound interesting?

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  • 5+ years designing & improving web experiences
  • 5+ years writing professionally
  • 3+ years content strategy
  • 3+ years email marketing
  • 8 years as a competitive public speaker, 2+ years coaching speakers
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  • Increased online donation for local nonprofit by 500% in three years
  • Increase quarterly blog visitors for organization by 600% over two years
  • Tripled email list size for organization in three years and increased email traffic from monthly newsletter by 26x
  • Created first-of-its-kind responsive timeline featuring 200+ highlights of Austin history
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